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Sometimes, your home just needs a refresh. Perhaps it is no longer serving its proper function, looks outdated, or simply does not match your needs and preferences. Whatever the reason may be, Charleston Fine Cabinetry is excited to provide you with the understanding and resources it takes to turn your current living situation into your dream home. Our highly-qualified team will work with you to create a plan that fits your life, style, and budget. From demolition to finishing touches, we aim to make the process as fluid and stress-free as possible. If you are searching for a design-forward project manager with cabinetry and kitchen expertise, we are here to serve you.

Interior Design


Expanding your home's livable space is one of the best things you can do. Or, maybe your current home no longer meets the needs of your family’s lifestyle and you are interested in building a custom home from the ground up. When considering a cabinetry designer for your kitchen, bathrooms and custom spaces, Charleston Fine Cabinetry can seamlessly integrate with your existing architects and consultants to give you the attention to interiors your build project desires.

New Builds


Charleston Fine Cabinetry was born out of interior design. Whether or not your project includes construction, we offer our design and décor services in fulfilling your vision of home. This includes space planning and the selection of furniture, lighting, rugs, and accessories given your priorities and budget. Upon gathering your inspiration, we present our ideas for approval. Using our resources and industry access, we purchase furnishings and hire the artisans necessary to execute the vision. We handle all shipping, tracking, and coordination of installs. Toward the end of your project, we add finishing touches to your space through art, accessories and styling.

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